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Welcome to Moorgate Training - Approved drink drive course provider

The Course


  • The DDRS course should be offered to all first-time offenders although repeat offenders are not specifically excluded.  If offered by Magistrates it will be in addition to any fine / disqualification.  The course does not replace supervised probation alcohol education but complements it.
  • The aim of the course is to reduce reoffending by educating those people convicted of drink-driving about alcohol and by improving their knowledge, skills and attitudes towards drinking and driving. The methodology has been shown to reduce reoffending both in Britain and abroad.  Whilst on the course participants learn how to separate drinking from driving.

    Course content and isues covered include the following:
  • Review of individual offences – causes, consequences and alternatives to drinking and driving
  • Alcohol and the law: the offence of drink-driving
  • Effects of alcohol on performance, especially on driving skills
  • Links between alcohol and road safety
  • Attitudes towards drinking and towards drink-driving
  • The concept of ‘units’ as a measure of alcohol
  • How alcohol accumulates in and is eliminated by the body
  • Effects of alcohol on health and behaviour. Individual drinking patterns
  • Practical ways to separate drinking and driving

Teaching methods include formal lecture, discussion, group work, dvd’s, hand outs and home assignments.

The course consists of:

  • 3 sessions held once a week for three consecutive weeks.

In order to allow participants to attend a course within reasonable distance of their home or work, courses are run at a variety of venues and with good public transport access.

We offer courses at venues in:

  Birmingham   Bolton   Bournemouth   Bradford   Brighton   Bristol   Bristol   Cambridge   Chelmsford   Chester   Colchester   Coventry   Derby   Durham   Harrogate   Hartlepool   Huddersfield   Huddersfield   Hull   Ipswich   Leeds   Leicester   Liverpool   London   Manchester   Middlesbrough (Teesside)   Newcastle   Norwich   Nottingham   Oldham   Portsmouth   Reading   Scunthorpe   Sheffield   Southampton   Southend   Stockport   Stoke   Sunderland   Sunderland   Warrington   Wigan   York... And many other surrounding areas/towns.    
*Please contact us for a full list of course locations*

Wherever possible we use venues that provide access for people with disabilities.  Please note that the course is only delivered in English; please inform the Moorgate Training office if there are any potential language issues.