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Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS)

Moorgate Training are one of the UK's leading approved course providers for individuals who have been referred to the DDRS after receiving a ban by the courts for drink drive . We deliver our driving course at various venues throughout the UK. Our trainers are friendly, understanding and considerate with over 10 years experience in delivering driver training. We understand that everyone's circumstances are different. 


The Course Training

Once we have confirmed your place on the the course, we will forward your confirmation and what you need to do. Attending the course is the first step to getting your driving licence back early and reducing your ban. 

By attending and completing the course, you will:

  • Reduce your ban by a significant amount
  • Save money on insurance premiums year on year 
  • Gain an understanding for the driving laws


Reducing your ban

We are often asked by how much a ban will be reduced. The way to find out is to check the details on the "referral order" you were given in court (You may have been asked to sign this order in court). The law says Magistrates can give up to a 25% reduction in your ban if you complete a course. To receive the reduction in your ban, a course must be fully completed before the completion date.

The details that help you work out when you can return to driving are also on the referral order. They may have given it as a percentage, or they may have stated the number of months, weeks, or days, that they will take off your ban.

Normally however, the reductions will generally be as follows:

            BAN                       REDUCTION

  • 12 months         3 months
  • 14 months         3 or 3½ months
  • 18 months         4 or 4½ months
  • 24 months         6 months
  • 30 months         7 or 7½ months
  • 36 months         9 months
  • 48 months         12 months

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Moorgate Training Limited are authorised and approved by The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to deliver the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDR) as Centre Approval number AC02091. Visit www.gov.uk for information.

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